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  • Tranquility Home & Design provides all inclusive services for residential new home construction and remodeling. These include project management, space planning, materials specification and procurement, and landscape hard scapes and landscape accessories.

    Our interiors division provides services in color analysis and coordination, design consultation, space planning, and real estate staging. As well, we provide clients with factory direct furniture, art, accessories and appliances purchasing; and all installations. We also specialize in window coverings and door treatments of all venues.


    We celebrate creativity and the amazing array of home products and furnishings currently being introduced. It's an exciting time in our industry. Some of these products are wonderful, and some only fleeting and speculative experiments. We keep up with all the trends, but don't chase after styles that will become transitory.

    Fashions, they come and go. Some, you might say, have a short shelf life. We anticipate this and protect our clients from costly mistakes in this arena. At Tranquility, we design homes that will satisfy into the next decade and beyond; not just "in" until next year. We help you navigate the styles, products, and furnishings that will remain a sensible investment you will enjoy and be proud of, a great while after other trends have long vanished.

    " Nothing looks more dated....than whatever was breathlessly fashionable eight years ago". - Mary Doria Russell


    Tranquility excels in color analysis. People often tell us, "We love that you use color in your interiors," and applaud us for color boldness. It is not by accident, rather thoroughly thought out. Whenever possible we inject nature's colors into our overall design, bringing true color from the exterior environment in harmony with the interior color plan. This achieves a three-dimensional, long-view effect that is pleasing to the eye and to the senses. You will find that these colors are often placed within a soft, neutral backdrop. Add too much, or go too far, and too powerful of a color mix can be offensive or unsettling. It is all about balance and harmony within the total environment, providing comfort for the home owner and their guests. We will provide that for you.

    Do we work with contemporary homes? Absolutely. We do, however, prefer to show some softness in upholstered seating, and if appropriate, maybe a Beidermeier or other "statement" antique chest or console to anchor the space with a sense of warmth and surprise. After all, to be successful, an interior must function well and must be comfortable and inviting to those who will use it. If not, you simply have a "house museum."

  • Look for our Atlanta contemporary total remodel and makeover "before and after" portfolio in early 2012.
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    Morgan Gaffney

    Lead Designer, Operations Mgr.